About Life in Lemuria


Kryon has given messages about the ancient mini-continent of Lemuria for many years. Monika Muranyi and Dr. Amber Wolf authored a book which contains many of those channellings. It explains the mysteries of what Lemuria was and why it existed. This book is now available for you on audio.


Australian author, Monika Muranyi, has compiled everything that Kryon has ever channelled about Lemuria, and the role of women in that mystical place. Narrated by Monika, her latest work contains material never before published.

Latest Book

Understand your Divine origins and how you can implement this ancient wisdom in today's modern world. Change who you think you are with these core spiritual truths from the Pleiadian Star Mothers.

Event Replay

Activate your Lemurian Akashic remembrance with a powerful, 10-hour professional studio-quality, HD video recording of this Sacred gathering in Tucson, Arizona.

Known Lemurian Starseeds


So far, Kryon has identified five "direct Akashic descendants of Lemuria." Let me introduce to you the ones who have been given their Lemurian name by Kryon.  Each of them has their own body of work for you to explore online.

Other Teaching Wheels


Two members of our Kryon Family, Dr. Amber Wolf and Lily Wong, have created these related products.

Shamanic Teaching Wheel

Rediscover your ancient wisdom as a ShaWoman with the Pleiadian Teachings for the New Consciousness.

Great Teaching Wheel Codes

Learn about the codes from the Stars and how it can help you integrate yourself so that you can unfold your full soul potential.