Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

THE LEMURIAN TEACHING WHEEL (LTW), as given and presented in this course, was first revealed during a Kryon channel given at the end of 2017 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kryon informed us that there were many teaching wheels in Lemuria. However, the wheel that everyone learned from was called "Seeking Balance." It represented the teachings of core spiritual truth and was always taught and understood first before anything else. This Seeking Balance wheel is what Lee and Monika are teaching in this Master Class series.

So far Kryon has revealed two other teachings … the Shamanic Teaching Wheel and the Light Language Code information.


In Lemuria, the Shamanic Teaching Wheel was taught to women who showed the aptitude for advanced training. The main purpose of this wheel was to further develop and enhance their sacred intuition.

Kryon has identified Dr. Amber Wolf as Mele’ha and stated that she originally taught the Shamanic Teaching Wheel in Lemuria. Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf has begun to teach this wheel again in this lifetime. It is available as an online course.



In Lemuria, the many codes for the wheel were taught separately. It's not a separate wheel, but rather a separate course for the study of the codes of the main wheel (Seeking Balance) using light language.

Kryon has identified Lilly Wong as the one who knew these codes in Lemuria and she has begun to teach them today at her "ti-MLu_uu" Academy. []

Therefore, the differences between the teachings are the learning outcomes, and the target audience.

We will not be authorizing anyone to teach the LTW material. The course is NOT designed to teach others how to teach it.

Instead, the purpose of the Lemurian Teaching Wheel Master Class is to deliver the core spiritual information, as it was taught by the Star Mothers. The entire course has been channelled from Kryon.

What we are offering is a unique presentation of esoteric information with the following benefits:

  • increase and enhance self-worth,
  • tools for self-empowerment,
  • tools to increase joy, longevity, and health,
  • strengthen and enhance intuition,
  • deepen the connection with the Creator inside,
  • increase awareness and understanding about your Soul, and
  • provide new perspectives about yourself and your relationships with others.

You may use the LTW course material for your own personal development and that of your family or friends.

It may NOT be used for any commercial endeavors. The image of the wheel, as used in our course, is a registered trademark. We ask you to please respect the intellectual property used to develop this unique master class series.

While all rights are reserved within the course, pieces and parts may be used with permission from the Krysalis Academy. Please contact