New! Kryon School with Video Classes

Have you ever wished you could go more deeply into the study and understanding of the Kryon teachings? Many have asked and now you can!


Krysalis Academy is our new, premier destination for online learning offering a variety of courses based on the teachings of Kryon. This new platform brings you more deeply in touch with an interactive understanding, of the higher frequency of wisdom that Kryon has been transmitting.


"You've had those from the stars come and sit in front of you and love you. And as children, you participated in the teaching that was given by them. As adults you continued."

– Kryon of Magnetic Service

Your Krysalis Academy Journey Begins Here

The "Krysalis Academy" is an ongoing learning platform drawing from over thirty years of channelled Kryon teachings. Combining the love, generosity, and wisdom of Kryon, Lee, and Monika. All courses in the Academy will be offered solely online as digital classes delivered through this private online school.


"I'm going to give you the raw truth that was taught right at the beginning, from the children to the adults. I'm going to tell you what it was and why... There is wisdom in all I'm going to tell you from those in the stars."

– Kryon of Magnetic Service

Our Third Course Offering Within Krysalis Academy

Manifesting Your Mastery

Affirm The Life YOU Choose


For decades, Kryon has delivered empowering messages, filled with love and hope.

Kryon’s main message is that the Creator knows you, personally, and loves you beyond measure.


YOU were born magnificent, and it’s time to claim the Divinity within.

The majority of affirmations in this course carry this underlying theme that highlights your majesty and reminds you about the eternalness of your Soul.

Our First Course Offering Within Krysalis Academy

The Lemurian Teaching Wheel

What if you could travel back in time 30,000 years, to a time when the Pleiadian Star Mothers began to teach humanity?


The Star Mothers taught the children and young adults the Core Spiritual Truths, and now, you can learn, or should we say, remember them too. The Star Mothers began, as we will, with the Lemurian Teaching Wheel.

Kryon first revealed the Lemurian Teaching Wheel during an event in 2017 on the big island of Hawaii. Drawing from the Akash of both Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf and Kahuna Kalei'iliahi.

Our Second Course Offering Within Krysalis Academy

The 12 Layers of DNA

What if your Akashic Records were waiting to be discovered in your DNA? Could each layer contain Quantum instructions? If so, what details are being given to your body?

This 4-part video series features meditations from Elan Cohen, affirmations from Monika Muranyi, and Kryon channellings from Lee Carroll (and 2 bonuses).

Kryon reveals names for the four groups and each of your 12 DNA Layers, as well and information about how each layer interacts with one another.

Core Spiritual Truths

We are so excited to tell you about Kryon's new Krysalis Academy with two groundbreaking video courses!  The "Lemurian Teaching Wheel" and "Twelve Layers of DNA" are available to watch immediately upon your enrollment in one or both classes.

We hope you will come along with us in remembering, awakening your Akash, and rekindling these core teachings.  Begin your journey with the wisdom you first learned in Lemuria thousands of years ago, or with an esoteric study of the mastery contained within your DNA. Kryon channelled the material for both courses.

And this is just the beginning. Krysalis Academy will be bringing you more exciting and deeply enriching courses. The teachings are designed to help you remember and to awaken your deep understanding. Lee added, “This way of teaching and learning is very different from anything Monika or I could have imagined.” 


"All of the [DNA] names hide other things, Dear Ones, as you will see. The Hebrew is used in respect for those who put together the idea there is one God."

– Kryon of Magnetic Service

Introducing the Kryon Krysalis Academy

We believe that the "Lemurian Teaching Wheel" and the "Twelve Layers of DNA" are a perfect introduction to this new method of learning and transmission now available for enrollment in the Krysalis Academy. After all, this incredibly insightful material provided by Kryon is starting us at the very beginning.

As we have said before, "This is no ordinary way of learning." You'll learn about about about a loving Creator who knows you personally, and a benevolent system that proves you are loved beyond measure.

These remarkable teachings within the Academy are delivered in the most loving manner from the purest of ideas. There are also a few bonus videos that you'll find on the inside.  Begin your journey today...


Meet Your Teachers

Lee Carroll, the "Original Kryon Channel" since 1989, is the author of 17 books, translated into more than 25 languages worldwide. Lee is a world-renowned thought leader in Metaphysical and Spiritual circles and is frequently asked to provide his profound insight on esoteric topics, ancient history, and current events. Lee is considered one of the "100 most spiritually influential living people" by the prestigious Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine in the UK.


Australian author, Monika Muranyi, known as the Kryon Archivist, collaborated with Lee and KRYON on a special Kryon trilogy – subject-driven books that examine the Kryon teachings to deepen our understanding of Gaia, the Akash, and the Soul.


Her latest book, The Women of Lemuria, begins to answer questions about our real biological lineage with brand new info from Kryon.



"This is teaching about the core information of God/Spirit/Source about what the Pleiadians brought you. Not just with 23 pairs of chromosomes, not just with a DNA change."

– Kryon of Magnetic Service

Who is Kryon?

Kryon is often described as a loving entity, who gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity. Just like Archangel Michael, these messages are channelled through humans. Kryon’s messages, given by Lee, are very honoring of the people of Earth.

The messages are often filled with pro
found information for all of humanity, not just a chosen few. The channelled messages from Kryon are always uplifting, empowering, and filled with the love of God. In addition, there is a third language present – an energy that communicates in a multidimensional way. Those who are what I call “sensitives” can feel and sometimes even see, this energy.